By Robert M. Matthews

Need to change your state of mind? Binaural beats are audio tones designed to create specific mind states for the user. They work by inducing your brain into producing specific brainwave frequencies. For instance, they may be used to “speed your brain up” to make you alert, motivated and energized. Or, they may be used to “slow down your brain” to make you relaxed, or even sleepy. Theta binaural beats are designed specifically to put us into a “super-relaxed” state of consciousness – a state great for creativity, learning or just plain relaxing.

Binaural beats work by presenting two slightly different audio frequencies to each of our brain hemispheres. The mechanism in our brain that normally calculates which direction a sound is coming from resolves these two frequencies and produces a third frequency. This frequency, sometimes called an “entrainment frequency” guides your mind quickly and effortlessly into a desired mind state. It has been theorized that, because the mechanism that produces the binaural frequency operates within our brains, this technology may tend to be more effective than other audio-based relaxation methods. Since this frequency is internally produced by the brain, it is impossible for the brain to ignore it.

Theta binaural beats are in a low brainwave frequency range (5-8 Hz). As such, they have a tendency to calm your brain down. Years of brain function research has shown us that the theta brainwave state is associated with learning, enhanced creativity, dreaming, and relaxation.

Theta frequencies can be a great aid to learning. As we all know, it is very difficult to concentrate or focus on anything when our mind is racing. We need to calm ourselves down and slow our minds down before learning can take place. The low-frequency theta brainwave frequency range does just that. It brings the mind down to a state in which it can operate efficiently.

For the same reason, the theta frequency range greatly increases our capacity for creative thought. We all know that we have bad ideas when we are panicked, hurried or excited. In order to produce creative ideas, we need to let our mind relax and “let go”.

The theta brainwave frequencies are some of the lower frequencies that our brain naturally runs at. Through a process called “brainwave entrainment”, theta binaural beats can be used to easily and rapidly induce our minds to run in at theta frequencies. Leading our brain to run at these frequencies puts our mind into a more resourceful state – a state suitable for increased learning, improved creativity, and alert relaxation.

Binaural beats are a great aid to getting yourself in the right state of mind for the task at hand. Theta binaural beats are great for relaxing your mind and placing it in a suitable state for learning, creativity or rest and relaxation. To learn more, CLICK HERE–> Theta Binaural Beats and visit us today.

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