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By Edward Randolph

Human beings are social animals and need interaction as part of their daily lives. In this interaction, there is stimulus and reaction and there is always active participation. But there are times there is an overabundance of this cycle to the effect that the mind and body fails to adequately respond. When this limit is reached, there is a need for a slowdown for recuperative purpose and this can only be achieved through guided meditation.

Guided meditation is the activity where the social being is put on hold and the individual chooses to be alone to reflect on personal well being. This is achieved by removing the person from the setting of being the interactive with others to a place of solitude and being by yourself is not already meditation. The person needs to slow down the brain and concentrate on personal processes, like breathing and awareness to achieve the meditative state.

Undertaking meditation is not an easy procedure to achieve. There are just too many retained stimuli in the brain so despite the solitude, the brain still is interacting with retained stimuli. This is the importance of guided meditation comes in. By concentrating on the voice or the single stimuli for meditation, one essentially blocks out all the other matters. In achieving this, and following the given instructions, one can achieve a meditative state.

This practice though is not achievable at the first try. Often, you need to adjust a time for the exercise. Once imbibed, the recuperative effects on the mind and body are achieved. Meditative exercises help in keeping the mind and body fresh and attuned to personal well being. Over time, one can do this without assistance, so take time out to do this so you can be better for yourself and others.

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