By William Epperson

Prayer uses language in order to create emotions which are conveyed to the lord by our heart using a communication method I can’t figure. The subject of this article is the Danger of Thoughtless Meditation. In spite of the benefits that accrue in meditation there are pitfalls. I have told you that when the change was done the images and scenes were noticeably richer and more abundant than that which words had ever provided. When you ignore thoughts and words you thereby are making available great deal of attention which is typically devoted to thought or word production.

All this is experientially great. I mean a thousand words from an image is a lot easier than thinking up a description of the image and then forming syntax. And what about having all that attention available. Freed from whatever language you think in. What it does for meditation, is much closer to indescribable. I have a fair handle on the English language and I swear that there are no English words for what I have seen. If I attempt to apply English words, I only succeed in cheapening the experience.

Peoples reason for meditating ranges far. Many do it because they wish to remove anxiety, or to relieve pressures from modern living. My reason to begin meditating was to attempt to understand why I was experiencing terrible creatures in my waking visual field. I never understood why I experienced these visions but I did learn how to control them. At least to remove them from my visual field.

The danger of thoughtless Meditation comes in several ways. The attractiveness of an environment where all thinking has been ignored, cannot be over estimated. It is the most pleasant experience in meditation that I have experienced. Imagine, no words to provide anxiousness or regrets. No thoughts about responsibility, no to- doe’s. No views to start new thoughts. The visual field is dark and I am usually waiting for an image to inspect. I believe that these ‘comes from somewhere’ images are a product of of a very sophisticated plan to demonstrate to us why we are alive and to demonstrate the uselessness of spending our attention on wealth and material acquisitions. If we can see the two realities juxtaposed the choice is clear for the self-actualizer. It should be clear that meditation for the mediator involves entrance into the Lords realm. Everyone should understand that one of HIS miracles was the creation of eternal life. Once we enter HIS territory HE is aware of us.

This awareness will place direct attention us and we will become one one of his people. You will notice his help. Please do not piss HIM off.

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