101 Reasons To Use Brainwave Entrainment

By Wanina Petlock

Brainwave entrainment, simply, is the process of deliberately changing your dominant brainwave frequency, to feel or experience a certain effect or level of consciousness.

The brain naturally entrains or duplicates any external stimulus that is presented in a rhythmic, repeated consistent manner, thereby altering its brainwave frequencies, to match said stimulus.

The benefit of being able to change your brainwaves, is that, at your will, you can actually choose how you experience life.

You can change your brainwave frequency and change how you feel, at your convenience.

Here is a list of the first 101 reasons, in no particular order, to use brainwave entrainment.

1. Inexpensive and easy to use.

2. Can be downloaded on an i-pod, i-pad, mp3 player, compute, and much more.

3. Appeals to all walks of life.

4. Has an endless number of effects.

5. Is a viable solution to a huge variety of problems.

6. Is used by more psychologists, mental health clinics, coaches, teachers, and professionals everyday because they find it remarkably effective.

7. Can be used when you want to use it, as part of a routine or spur of the moment.

8. Within six months, you can reach an advanced state of mind that previously required decades of meditative practice.

9. Cutting edge personal advancement tool.

10. Beneficial for positive self-development.

11. Improves performance in personal and professional life.

12. Doesn’t conflict with any meditation styles

13. Can be used in conjunction with any meditation style.

14. Optimizes your mind.

15. Great to use instead of drugs for pain or just feeling good.

16. Immediate and long-term benefits.

17. Instantly relaxed.

18. Deep sense of well-being.

19. Ability to handle stressful situations better within a few weeks of sessions.

20. Can create brainwave states that are impossible to experience consciously… normally.

21. Turn on any brainwave state.

22. Keeps a consistent frequency effectively entraining the brain.

23. Can access various levels of consciousness, easily.

24. Uses the whole brain to entrain.

25. After a few weeks of entrainment, you’ll have an increased ability to learn.

26. Enhances creativity.

27. Helps you problem solve, using all areas of the brain.

28. Feel calmer afterward, more in control.

29. Boosts energy.

30. Lights up your motivation.

31. Takes 6 – 8 weeks to see measurable increase in I.Q.

32. Backed up by scientific research.

33. Immediate relief from tension

34. Immediate benefit for learning large amounts of information quickly.

35. Immediate relief for insomnia.

36. Meditation effects, immediately.

37. Use a few times a week for long-term improvement.

38. Can use every day.

39. Or once a week.

40. You get what you put into it.

41. Don’t have to sit in a lotus position.

42. Is effective regardless of what you focus on.

43. Intensifies feelings of well-being.

44. Can still mind chatter.

45. Can introduce you to your higher self.

46. Can help you rewire your brain.

47. Will change bad internal programming.

48. Enhances visualization.

49. Helps learn new skills.

50. Removes anxiety.

51. Stops panic attacks right away.

52. Takes away fear.

53. Trains the brain to naturally go to a desired state.

54. Brings back repressed memories.

55. Helps increase memory.

56. Wakes up sleeping glands.

57. Increases libido.

58. Helps you sleep.

59. A session is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

60. Makes new neural pathways.

61. Really changes the physical structure of brain.

62. Can see changes on a brain scan.

63. Reduces muscle tension immediately.

64. Increases vasodilation.

65. Reduces gastric acid.

66. Reduces depression.

67. Lowers blood pressure, immediately.

68. Removes fibromyalgia symptoms.

69. Great pain reliever.

70. Releases natural morphine.

71. Is not about religion.

72. Considered very safe.

73. Is a therapeutic tool that can be used in conjunction with normal therapy.

74. Helps you process emotions.

75. Improves health significantly.

76. Can turn back the clock.

77. Gateway to other dimensions.

78. Fortune 500 companies use this with their top executives.

79. Makes you sharper.

80. Makes you happier.

81. Live longer.

82. More balanced emotionally.

83. Helps you concentrate.

84. Brings back hair.

85. Takes away wrinkles.

86. Helps you lose weight.

87. Stops the craving for carbohydrates.

88. Helps you develop unconditional love.

89. Gives you creative rushes.

90. Unlocks hidden talents.

91. Gives you insights.

92. Puts you in the zone.

93. Improves relationships.

94. Helps ADD/ADHD dramatically.

95. Diminishes social anxiety and phobia.

96. Gets rid of bad habits.

97. Reduces the time required to learn something.

98. Removes symptoms of addiction.

99. Strengthens your immune system.

100. Gets rid of anger.

And #101. Can help change you into who you want to be when you grow up.

That’s just the first 101 reasons to use brainwave entrainment as part of your self-development journey.

Brainwave entrainment is a cutting-edge personal development tool.

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Meditation Is the Best Investment

By Vikas Malkani

Meditation is the easiest and fastest way to understand yourself. It takes you into a higher level of self-understanding where you can clearly see how you create your own life experience. Only after you have overcome and transcended inner conflicts due to excessive desires, ego-tripping, long-standing grudges, low self-esteem and the need to control other people’s lives, will your life become truly stable and enjoyable.

Meditation leads to many benefits on mental, emotional and physical levels. This is now proven by scientific research. Whichever way you look at it, the meditation habit is one worth developing and results in a life of joyful tranquillity. It is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Here are some facts about meditation which you should know. Withdrawing from the mainstream of life is just the opposite of what we are trying to achieve when we meditate. By bringing out our full potential, meditation allows us to enjoy life to the fullest. We do not have to retreat to caves for our sessions – the same results are reaped when we meditate in the comfort of our homes. Meditation is simple and effortless once the habit is developed. Anyone can meditate. Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless technique for quietening and training the mind, making us experience an inner peace and leading us to connect with our real nature.

Meditation is simple because it works in harmony with your true nature. The state of total health, peace and happiness is already there – all you have to do is use a technique to arrive at it. Meditation is a very powerful, time-efficient and safe way of doing this. Mediation is a scientific technique and is totally non-religious. It’s time-honoured, having proven itself for thousands of years.

Meditation shows you how your mind works, and how it creates your life experience. And since the mind is the source of unhappiness or happiness, stress or calm, sickness or well being, failure or success, it is only logical that we should direct our attention to the mind.

Even doctors admit that up to 70% of physical diseases are psychosomatic, that is, they originate in the mind. So for 10 people who declare themselves sick, seven suffer from illnesses which originate in the mind, whether triggered by fear, insecurity, worry, anger, jealousy or any other negative emotion.

Once we start meditating, we become more peaceful, less reactive and more stable – all states that lead to greater efficiency in our life with less stress or friction. Tense muscles, overactive nerves and an overactive mind drain our energy reserves. Becoming calm energises you once again.

Calmness and vitality are complementary. People who are ‘hyper’ may seem energetic but they are actually fuelled by nervous energy. They end up irritable and mentally exhausted when their nervous energy wears off.

You will feel the beneficial effects of meditation even after your first few sessions. The effects are subtle but cumulative. So every passing day you will find yourself a little less stressed and a little more happier.

All through our lives, we carry with us two heavy burdens – the thoughts and regrets of the past and the worries and expectations of the future. At every moment, these burdens weigh us down. Meditation allows us to see this reality, and to take a rest from following our ingrained and conditioned patterns of behaviour.

When you become less stressed you enjoy everything more – including material things. But consider this – if you don’t feel good inside, how can you enjoy even the material things outside?

Since meditation causes you to connect with your real or natural self, you will gradually feel an increasing desire to live more in harmony with nature. You will also tend to gravitate towards a simpler lifestyle without extra or unnecessary burdens. You will desire more natural things such as nourishing food, fresh air and exercise.

The whole basis of meditation is to make you enjoy life more. The beauty of meditation is that it makes you happy inside, so you are happy anyway, irrespective of whether you are materialistic or not. Your happiness is not dependent on external factors. So you get not only happiness, but freedom also. Happiness comes from within and unless we give attention to what’s inside us, we will remain stressed and unhappy.

Knowing all this, why would we not make the time and meditate? It’s the best investment in making our life better in all aspects.

Footnote: Meditation to attain self-understanding is the foundation of the ancient wisdom of Vedanta. Down through the centuries, enlightened teachers have spoken about the necessity of meditation to live a happy and peaceful life. More recent teachers such as Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Osho, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, and most recently, Vikas Malkani, have all expounded the benefits of meditation.

Learn Meditation in Singapore with Vikas Malkani, world’s leading teacher of personal growth and self-development. Vikas is the founder of SoulCentre Academy™ renowned for its Meditation and self-development classes.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Vikas_Malkani



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Cover of "Lead the Field (Audio CD Set)"

Cover of Lead the Field (Audio CD Set)

Earl Nightingale told us time and time again that you become what you think about. The mind is extremely powerful.  Once you have chosen your goals then the vital step of focusing on those goals with a single minded devotion is key to achievement of those goals.  Those who have heard this message and taken it to heart have become what the desire.  It is not a miracle.  It is the simple process of maintaining focus on what you desire and striving to attain it.

One cannot be successful if they constantly look for shortcuts.  Instead the effort should be put into the steps needed to move up the long path, as it were, because the time wasted by looking for shortcuts keeps one from making progress steadily uphill.  This is what Earl Nightingale’s message has been.  The wisdom of those words have been repeated time and time again in so many ways, and chances are each and every one of us has heard the message in one form or another.

Following those words of wisdom is what sets apart those who are top in their field from those who are stagnating someplace in the middle. In nearly every business the leaders, regardless of if they know it or not, have likely incorporated much of what Earl Nightingale thought and said to motivate people. This is because the ideas and concepts are universal and timeless, lending themselves to nearly every other self help guide that followed the original. This is not to say that other guides do not have original ideas, because more then likely they do.  The simple fact is that most people need to hear something several times in several ways before it sinks in and they begin to act on it.

These commonsense ideas, as first proposed by Earl Nightingale, are best taken from their source, Lead the field, because for some people the concepts as originally presented are the best way for them to absorb them. Besides, the original likely says the ideas the best, and most timeless, way of all. If you are curious as to what these concepts can do for you consider that increasing mental ability, discovering the reasons for failure and learning how to overcome them, improving “luck”, knowing your worth and how to increase it, and becoming successful are all part of what is spoken about.  By listening to these words you can put those concepts to work for you.

Instead of standing idle and being envious of what others have, focus on how to tend to your life and put more care and effort into personal achievement. One thing that anyone can benefit from is the effort they place into themselves. Having the right attitude can change how you interact with others, how they then interact with you, and that makes success much easier to obtain. Only one thing that a person truly owns is their personal attitude towards life. Learn to be positive, to forgive others, to attempt seeing things without bias, and how to change things you are unhappy with.  It is all attitude.

Please Visit The Personal Development Company If You Would Like To Learn More About The Earl Nightingale Classic, Lead The Field

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Location of the cerebral cortexImage via Wikipedia

By Greg Frost

Change your mind for the better with brainwave entrainment, a technology that has taken the personal development industry by storm and has improved the lives of thousands of people all over the world. This number is steadily growing as more and more people are realizing on a daily basis the true power of the brain and how they can release this veritable untapped power for their own advantage.

You can be this person too and the good news is, the technology is readily and widely available on the internet and offline as well, at a cost that is not prohibitive, and such methods of therapy are hardly restricted to time tables and lifestyles. In fact, it can be as easy as plugging in your digital music player and finding a quiet corner for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is that simple and once you and people around you realize that this is the new gift of the 21st century, only then will you be able to capitalize on life and jump over hurdles in life higher and higher.

This article will brief you a little more on what exactly brainwave entrainment is and how this technology can help you to realize your true potential and see the world like never before. The results can actually be breathtaking as you discover your ability to learn faster, be more creative and have a level of mental control that is both unsurpassed and sometimes unbelievable.

Brainwave entrainment, which is also known in some circles as brainwave synchronization, is the practice that causes the brain frequency to fall into sync with a stimulus that is periodic and introduced to the auditory response agents of the human body. This is called a frequency following effect and can be traced back to the cortical of the brain, which is responsible for the firing of the billions of neurons in the cerebral cortex, a method of communication of both hemispheres of the brain as well as the very source of this new power.

The very basis of this technology is to force the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize the two halves of the brain so that it exists, for a time, within a single brainwave frequency. Science and medicine has discovered that certain frequency ranges within the brain can be associated with super states or peaks of performance within the brain, which means that when properly activated, you can have the power to learn more, learn faster, be more creative, have more mental focus or be relaxed. This technology has also the power to slip the mind into a meditative state and allow the subconscious to be more pliable to external modification and reprogramming, which is especially useful when trying to kick bad habits and addictions.

You can literally change your mind for the better with brainwave entrainment and all you need to do is to identify what part or talent you want activated, popping in the CD with the engineered binaural beats and sitting down and letting the magic happen.

Greg Frost is a leading innovator in the field of subliminal technology and the director of http://www.chargedaudio.com which specializes providing a whole range of subliminal CD’s for self improvement. Grab your free Ultimate Success Unleashed Subliminal Cd today at http://www.chargedaudio.com/freesubliminal.html

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Sinusoidal waves of various frequencies; the b...Image via Wikipedia

There are two things in this life that many people do not know about their own brain. One of them is the fact that there are two aspects of consciousness that are actively ‘aware’ on a daily basis. One of them is the conscious mind, rife with all the defenses of logical thought, rational processes and critical thinking – which allow us to go through life not reacting to everything based on emotion. This job is left up entirely to the subconscious mind; a part of us since we were born that takes orders from experiences and associations to determine our reactions, our phobias and who we are as individuals.

These two form a symbiotic and separate existence – yet they cannot function without another and through the various stages of life, each aspect of these consciousnesses has taken on a role. In our early childhood, the subconscious mind took the place of educator and learner, where we as children would understand events and happenings around us through emotion and association, the two main pillars of function within the subconscious mind.

As we get older, our conscious mind began to develop the functions of critical thinking and rationale thought, which meant we were able to dissect experiences with logical thought and understand them with a detached learning. While emotion and association will always be there, the effect will not be as a strong as it was before. However, all the associations, fears and phobias (and other character developments) that has happened during childhood has retained and will pass on through adulthood as it maintains its cyclic life cycle within the brain’s subconscious memory and instruction banks.

The other thing that we do not know about our brain is that it produces patterns based on electromagnetic frequencies that sensitive equipment can pick up easily. These brainwave patterns have been found by medicine and science to be associated with several peak performances of the brain, which can include better learning, higher creativity, mental focus, relaxation, accelerated healing, growth hormone level increases. These are just some of the applications of specific brainwave frequencies and they can be evoke with entrainment technology like engineered sub sonic sound or through visual stimulation like the dream machine.

The applications within the personal development industry have been enormous and the responses to this product have reached monumental levels. Thousands of people all over the binaural beats,brainwave entrainment,guided meditationworld are gaining better brain power through the use of brainwave entrainment technology. More and more research is being pumped into the brainwave entrainment technology and as of now, the most popular form of the technology is CD’s that use engineered sounds embedded into relaxing music to evoke a cortical response within the brain and align the two hemispheres to a frequency that is desired.

Anyone can use this technology because of its relative affordability and the ease of application. Just look online and you can find quite a few good products to help you boost and maximize your brain power and live life like you have never done before.

Get your Free “Success Accelerator” Brainwave Cd today! Unleash your Mind Power potential to attain the lifestyle that you want. Visit http://www.MindMaximus.com and claim your Free Cd today!

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