By Geoffrey J Norman

Hopefully you have thought about setting yourself some meditation goals. Well now may be the right time to do this in a more formal, written, fashion because writing things down helps to cement them in your mind. You will be much more likely to follow through with your meditation sessions and achieve your goals if they are written down.

First, consider what attracted you to meditation in the first place. What was the path that led you here? Perhaps you know someone who meditates on a regular basis. Or, perhaps you read something about it in a magazine or saw it being mentioned on the news. Maybe you were searching the Internet one day and the topic came up, and you were interested right away.

The way you were initially attracted to meditation can really tell you something about your goals. Perhaps you were in the midst of feeling incredibly stressed out and you are searching for a solution. In your case, stress relief is likely your goal. Or, maybe you are just seeking enlightenment and want something more and better out of your life.

We are all seeking something. Figure out what you are seeking and phrase it in the form of a goal. Keep in mind that your ambitions and goals for meditation need to be very specific. You can’t just specify that you don’t want to feel stressed out anymore.

You really do need to visualize, and write down, your exact goals and the way you wish to live your life. For instance, you can have the goal that you will no longer felt stressed about a particular situation.

Really, you should consider the benefits of writing in a journal to track your journey through meditation. This is an excellent place to write down your goals as well. Keep in mind that your life’s goals might change and shift over time this is definitely to be expected.

Brainstorm some goals right now. What do you wish to happen when you are meditating? What changes would you like to see in your life? How do you want to react to friends and family members.

Goal setting is something that people who are successful in life do as a standard. No matter how great or outrageous your ambition, goal setting can help get you there.

Now, it’s incredibly easy to want to just dismiss the idea of setting goals. However, you are definitely urged not to. By setting goals you are sending the message out in the world of what you want to achieve. You will start work towards these goals (consciously and subconsciously) and you will get what you’re asking for.

Meditation itself can even give you clarity about your goals. This is a wonderful thing, because you can achieve your goals through meditation, and meditation can help you achieve your goals. Do yourself a favor and start a journal of your short, medium and long-term goals today.

Be as specific as possible about what you want to achieve and how you think meditation can help get you there. If possible, fully visualize yourself attaining your goals to cement them even further in your mind.

To find out more about Goal setting and meditation techniques visit the Nine Minute Meditation website and enjoy a good look around. You owe it to yourself fully understand your life goals so do it now.

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