By Dr. Ravikant Bharati

What is meditation?

Humble Beginning

We were all born into meditation. A state of mind where there is no mental activity at all. A perfect state of thoughtlessness, which has been described by many words in many languages; A blissfully peaceful state of mind known as ‘Samadhi’ as per Indian philosophy, and which literally means fulfilled. Although the human organism born with these characteristics is ignorant of this wealthy fact, very soon the surrounding psychological environment will rob him out of this ultimate existence. Take over and destroy this possibility which in fact is totally meditative and uniquely satisfying.


In order to survive in this physical world, under the garb of intellectual growth we learn all about the environment surrounding us. From spiritually empowered existence, we start moving into the physical plane of human beings where the mind along with its relative activities comes in to play. In the process of discovering the pleasures of human existence seductively spread all around us, we gradually move away from the spiritual point of view where we started the journey, hardly realizing that we are fast losing that unadulterated virgin state of being.

Nevertheless, as interest grows within our physical appearance and the process of discovering the mysteries of existence, we tend to lose track of the point from where this relationship initially started. So far so good, we are doing great in the worldly ways improving physically and mentally while growing into youth. In order to attain a success story we have also added numerous false dimensions like fame, money, intelligence and so much more. Apart from the basic instincts required for survival which we were born with, we seem to have mastered the art of adding more rubbish to the baggage that hardly helps our peak performance.

Thirst for Freedom

Just like beating around the bush, we keep dancing with the substitutes instead of going for the real show. That original blissful thoughtless state of mind where we simply exist as a being is now intelligently termed as meditation with an initial craving to bring back into our living. Essentially, all activities, or inactivity which can bring about a thoughtless state of mind is meditation.

Undoubtedly, the show must go on and so does our mind, even when we say we are deep in meditation. There is no escaping; we are on what seems to be an endless journey where mind with all its restlessness will only stop either in sleep, or physical death. Incidentally, this possibility of a No-Mind as envisaged by sages & masters all over the world exists in a ‘Samadhi’, a refined blissful state of mind set to acquire innocence. Innocence here refers to a condition which is substantially differing from ignorance, although their external appearance may look similar.


This individual will now knowingly perform as per will and not merely react to enforcing circumstances. Displaying a stability which is unique and charming in appearance, quite similar to the point where the journey of life initially began, the transformed subject in now pure, fresh and virgin like the evening breeze, effortlessly kissing the vast open expanse of life. This all pervasive silence is astonishingly revealing itself, while you are able to cut out the clutter and irrelevant noise.

Dr. Ravikant Bharati has professionally always been creatively active. He loves painting, writing and making music. Yoga came into his life accompanied by his artistic pursuits. Seeds of awareness were sown into his being quite early in life, and subsequently meditation is deep rooted and strongly ingrained in his presence. His understanding is uniquely original and born out of personal experiences in life.

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