By Vikas Malkani

Meditation is the easiest and fastest way to understand yourself. It takes you into a higher level of self-understanding where you can clearly see how you create your own life experience. Only after you have overcome and transcended inner conflicts due to excessive desires, ego-tripping, long-standing grudges, low self-esteem and the need to control other people’s lives, will your life become truly stable and enjoyable.

Meditation leads to many benefits on mental, emotional and physical levels. This is now proven by scientific research. Whichever way you look at it, the meditation habit is one worth developing and results in a life of joyful tranquillity. It is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Here are some facts about meditation which you should know. Withdrawing from the mainstream of life is just the opposite of what we are trying to achieve when we meditate. By bringing out our full potential, meditation allows us to enjoy life to the fullest. We do not have to retreat to caves for our sessions – the same results are reaped when we meditate in the comfort of our homes. Meditation is simple and effortless once the habit is developed. Anyone can meditate. Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless technique for quietening and training the mind, making us experience an inner peace and leading us to connect with our real nature.

Meditation is simple because it works in harmony with your true nature. The state of total health, peace and happiness is already there – all you have to do is use a technique to arrive at it. Meditation is a very powerful, time-efficient and safe way of doing this. Mediation is a scientific technique and is totally non-religious. It’s time-honoured, having proven itself for thousands of years.

Meditation shows you how your mind works, and how it creates your life experience. And since the mind is the source of unhappiness or happiness, stress or calm, sickness or well being, failure or success, it is only logical that we should direct our attention to the mind.

Even doctors admit that up to 70% of physical diseases are psychosomatic, that is, they originate in the mind. So for 10 people who declare themselves sick, seven suffer from illnesses which originate in the mind, whether triggered by fear, insecurity, worry, anger, jealousy or any other negative emotion.

Once we start meditating, we become more peaceful, less reactive and more stable – all states that lead to greater efficiency in our life with less stress or friction. Tense muscles, overactive nerves and an overactive mind drain our energy reserves. Becoming calm energises you once again.

Calmness and vitality are complementary. People who are ‘hyper’ may seem energetic but they are actually fuelled by nervous energy. They end up irritable and mentally exhausted when their nervous energy wears off.

You will feel the beneficial effects of meditation even after your first few sessions. The effects are subtle but cumulative. So every passing day you will find yourself a little less stressed and a little more happier.

All through our lives, we carry with us two heavy burdens – the thoughts and regrets of the past and the worries and expectations of the future. At every moment, these burdens weigh us down. Meditation allows us to see this reality, and to take a rest from following our ingrained and conditioned patterns of behaviour.

When you become less stressed you enjoy everything more – including material things. But consider this – if you don’t feel good inside, how can you enjoy even the material things outside?

Since meditation causes you to connect with your real or natural self, you will gradually feel an increasing desire to live more in harmony with nature. You will also tend to gravitate towards a simpler lifestyle without extra or unnecessary burdens. You will desire more natural things such as nourishing food, fresh air and exercise.

The whole basis of meditation is to make you enjoy life more. The beauty of meditation is that it makes you happy inside, so you are happy anyway, irrespective of whether you are materialistic or not. Your happiness is not dependent on external factors. So you get not only happiness, but freedom also. Happiness comes from within and unless we give attention to what’s inside us, we will remain stressed and unhappy.

Knowing all this, why would we not make the time and meditate? It’s the best investment in making our life better in all aspects.

Footnote: Meditation to attain self-understanding is the foundation of the ancient wisdom of Vedanta. Down through the centuries, enlightened teachers have spoken about the necessity of meditation to live a happy and peaceful life. More recent teachers such as Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Osho, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, and most recently, Vikas Malkani, have all expounded the benefits of meditation.

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