In our daily life, it is difficult to avoid stress as stressors are everywhere. The stressors can be found in your home, school, work location or in the middle of a field. Though it is expected to experience stress as it is part of our daily life, being under severe, chronic stress can result in physical illness. Stress can contribute to high-blood pressure thus resulting in cardiac problems. This is why people with cardiac problems are always advised to remain quiet and avoid stressful conditions.

Stress may also lead to Gastro-intestinal problems, palpitations, back ache, insomnia, poor immune system and even mental illness. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, we can easily reduce this stress and live a normal and peaceful life. There are different ways of relieving stress; the most basic being deep-breathing exercises and natural relaxation. Some may use drugs that will assist them in getting the relaxation they need. Some may use cutting-edge machines to reduce or relieve stress. What many do not know is that with one simple device alone, we can easily be relieved of stress. This device is none other than our mp3 player, iPod or any music players.

With the latest binaural beats recordings available in stores today, we can easily be relieved of stress. Simply combining two frequencies into one sound will create these binaural beats that can stimulate brain wave entrainment. However, mixing two tones is not enough, what we need are two tones with a slightly different frequency. One tone may be slightly higher or slightly lower. They must be only “slightly” separated for if you make the two tones too separate from each other, then you will not achieve brain wave entrainment.

Achievement of brain wave entrainment may result in stress relief, sleep induction, improved learning, increased creativity, and the ability to accomplish things you did not even believe you could do. The effects of binaural beats are truly remarkable and impressive. You may find the tone by itself very tedious, but publishers of binaural beat recordings have created a combination of sounds that sound just like the rain, bells, waterfalls and gongs.

Still not interested? Well they have also mixed these beats with some extra sounds that you would not even notice such as subliminal positive affirmations. There are also software programmers who have made programs that you can download and install on your computer to create these binaural beats by yourself. Some even sell their recordings as an aid to meditation, relaxation and self hypnosis. You may also find some keychain-sized gadgets that produce these types of binaural beats. There are plenty from which to choose. The use of binaural beats is better than any drugs that you may take because there are no contraindications. There are no adverse effects and best of all; it is cheaper than buying drugs. Create your own binaural beats now, or buy some recordings and upload them to your music player and you will enjoy a truly relaxing day.

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