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By Sarah Freeland

Guided meditation is great for beginners. This allows you to know, think and feel what you’re supposed to be doing while meditating. It’s a guided way of proper posture, correct breathing and what thoughts and feelings to let sit or pass. You can so this in a group session, someone reading a guide to you or by listening by audio.

For posture, you want to be sitting in a comfortable position. Not so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep, but enough to let your whole body relax, making sure your not leaning to one side or the other.

You’re breathe should be full complete breathes. When you inhale, make sure you fill both lungs and diaphragm as much as you can and still be comfortable. When you exhale, try to make it an even exhale. Making you’re breathes equally coming in as going out.

When it comes to thoughts people have different opinions on what the mind should be thinking. I would say it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve during your meditation. One way is trying to keep all thoughts from your mind. That can be very difficult to do considering the mind never stops. You have to just let each thought go as quickly as it came, trying not to hang on to anything for to long. The other way is keeping good willed thoughts in mind all the time. This will allow you to focus you meditation in the direction you want it to go, letting you control what you’re thinking and where you’re going. It may be very difficult at first, but don’t give up all good things come in time and with practice.

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