Cover of "Lead the Field (Audio CD Set)"

Cover of Lead the Field (Audio CD Set)

Earl Nightingale told us time and time again that you become what you think about. The mind is extremely powerful.  Once you have chosen your goals then the vital step of focusing on those goals with a single minded devotion is key to achievement of those goals.  Those who have heard this message and taken it to heart have become what the desire.  It is not a miracle.  It is the simple process of maintaining focus on what you desire and striving to attain it.

One cannot be successful if they constantly look for shortcuts.  Instead the effort should be put into the steps needed to move up the long path, as it were, because the time wasted by looking for shortcuts keeps one from making progress steadily uphill.  This is what Earl Nightingale’s message has been.  The wisdom of those words have been repeated time and time again in so many ways, and chances are each and every one of us has heard the message in one form or another.

Following those words of wisdom is what sets apart those who are top in their field from those who are stagnating someplace in the middle. In nearly every business the leaders, regardless of if they know it or not, have likely incorporated much of what Earl Nightingale thought and said to motivate people. This is because the ideas and concepts are universal and timeless, lending themselves to nearly every other self help guide that followed the original. This is not to say that other guides do not have original ideas, because more then likely they do.  The simple fact is that most people need to hear something several times in several ways before it sinks in and they begin to act on it.

These commonsense ideas, as first proposed by Earl Nightingale, are best taken from their source, Lead the field, because for some people the concepts as originally presented are the best way for them to absorb them. Besides, the original likely says the ideas the best, and most timeless, way of all. If you are curious as to what these concepts can do for you consider that increasing mental ability, discovering the reasons for failure and learning how to overcome them, improving “luck”, knowing your worth and how to increase it, and becoming successful are all part of what is spoken about.  By listening to these words you can put those concepts to work for you.

Instead of standing idle and being envious of what others have, focus on how to tend to your life and put more care and effort into personal achievement. One thing that anyone can benefit from is the effort they place into themselves. Having the right attitude can change how you interact with others, how they then interact with you, and that makes success much easier to obtain. Only one thing that a person truly owns is their personal attitude towards life. Learn to be positive, to forgive others, to attempt seeing things without bias, and how to change things you are unhappy with.  It is all attitude.

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