Binaural Beats are auditory artifacts made of frequencies which drive the pattern present in your brainwaves to reach a preferred state of mind. These beats are especially effective in order to reach a desired state of mind or consciousness, target=”_blank”>personal development , spiritual growth as well as other developments. In Binaural Beats two slightly different frequencies are delivered in each ear with the help of a pair of headphones. As a result our brain gets influenced by the frequencies projected by the beats. Suppose, 207 hertz is delivered in the right ear and 205 hertz is delivered on the left, this indicates that a new brainwave of about 2 hertz is being produced. The frequencies present in the brainwaves have a great effect on all the things whatsoever happens in your life. Like if you are in a happy mood, feeling pleased, active, motivated, dreaming, productive or in other conscious state, then your brain is in tuned to a specific frequency. These binaural beats are real and have been scientifically proved hemi sync alternative audio tools with the assurance to prove effective.

There are four frequency ranges used for tones, they are Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. Theta frequency ranges from 4 hertz to7.9 hertz which helps in solving behavior and addiction problems, promotes creativity and helps to attain a deep state of meditation. Alpha frequency ranges from 8 hertz to 13.9 hertz indicating a state of relaxation and before falling into a deep sleep and super learning. Beta frequency ranges from 14 hertz to 40 hertz assists in gaining productivity and energy. These beats are really safe but you must not use them while driving to operating with any kind of heavy machinery.

It is a well known fact that everybody leads a very stressful life today and we are always in tension. In order to overcome the stress of life it is important to have a good night’s sleep. Sleep not only helps us to recover from stress but also helps to increase immunity. It repairs our body and reproduces cells in the skin, brain, blood and muscles. But now days, people are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia. Insomnia has a negative affect on our body and degrades our health. Meditation for sleep is a very effective method by which we can solve our sleep problems. It is also highly recommended by doctors today.

Meditation for Sleep helps you to relax your mind and relaxed state if mind helps us to fall and remain asleep. Therefore it is suggested to meditate for 15 minutes before sleeping and 15 minutes when you wake up. But people generally make mistake while doing Meditation for Sleep. They actually try to use meditation to go to sleep but this will never work and make it harder for you to go to sleep. The main function of meditation is to slow down your body and mind in order to reach a point where you naturally fall asleep.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that Binaural Beats and Meditation for Sleep both are important to solve different problems of our life.

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