By Craig S Coggle

As you become busier and more time-poor you have probably discovered, like so many people, that finding the time to meditate is a real challenge. Without this chance to unplug from the world and reflect on your own life you will find it harder and harder to manage all of the demands on your time.

If you want to learn about how Brainwave Entrainment can help, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss how your mood states are controlled, the technology of binaural beats, and how both of these factors aid meditation. After reading this article, you should be able to achieve deep meditation in a fraction of the time.

Research into the human brain has concluded that the internal mood states that we experience are influenced largely by a whole range of external factors existing in our immediate environment; music is one of the most powerful. As our mood states are altered we will also find that our thought processes will be affected as well.

It is probably no surprise to discover the power of music on the brain. After all, the effect of rock music on their crowds is widely known and for young people it is a way for them to feel lose some of their inhibitions and self-conscious nature. On another level, music can intensify emotions and passions and become the trigger for huge social movements, protests and even riots.

This powerful effect can be used to our benefit and with it we can achieve such a relaxed and calm brainwave state that typical emotions like depression, rage, and anxiety disappear. This phenomenon is known as brainwave entrainment and one of the technologies used to create it is binaural beats.

Binaural beats occur when two different frequencies are presented through headphones to the right and left ears. Binaurals tend not to work over loudspeakers; distinct sound separation is important. By ensuring that the difference in frequency between the two sounds matches the frequency of the desired brain state you can actually cause the your brain to entrain. For instance using frequencies of 45Hz and 49Hz would cause an entrainment of 4Hz to occur. This would be the brainwave state of Theta which is ideal for dreaming, deep meditation, and intuition.

By applying binaural beats to your meditation practice you will commonly find that you will quickly experience a feeling of exhilaration and holistic calmness almost as soon as you begin your session. Your brain is being gently slowed and entrained allowing your mind to focus and open up. You can complete brainwave entrainment sessions from between 15 minutes to over an hour and achieve different levels of depth of experience across this range. More and more people have found comfort on the proven fact that, despite all the noise and disarray in the current day’s environment, one can still search out the solace of meditation with the aid of brainwave entrainment.

This article has shown you how meditation in this busy world is possible by using brainwave entrainment tools. We have seen how mood states are governed, how binaural technology has a part to play, and how meditation can be deepened as a result. Now you know how to use brainwave entrainment everyday to achieve relaxation, calm and balance in your life.

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