Falun Dafa the fifth exercise, meditation

Falun Dafa the fifth exercise, meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation is an art to clear your mind and to reach a relax state of mind. Meditation is the best exercise to improve your focus and concentration. A proper meditation requires discipline steps to achieve success. There are few tips which you need to follow before you can do it perfectly. How to meditate for beginners injects the pioneering steps to study and understand meditation in a simple way. The tips help you to perform the exercise in your own way.

How to Meditate for Beginners Tips

  • Find a good place to start the meditation. Try to sit in the middle and feel the atmosphere around you.
  • Adjust your posture and sit straight. Relax your body and make yourself comfortable. A relax body is very helpful for meditation.
  • Relax your body muscle. Start from your feet then move towards the upper part of your body. Relax your neck gently in small circles. Lower your shoulders and roll them a few times.
  • Stretch out your legs. Calm your body parts like belly, knees, feet and ankles.
  • Take your time. It will be hard in the beginning but you will feel comfortable after trying it for few times.
  • Breathe slowly. Take breath in deeply and then release it slowly. Do this for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Try to concentrate on the present. Be silent otherwise you will lose your focus.

This process may seem like pain at first but you will learn to enjoy it later on. Guided Meditation Mp3 CD’s are a good way to overcome the meditation obstacles. The recorded CD’s describe the step by step procedure to perform meditation. The spoken words create a delightful scene and stimulate your imagination. The relaxing voice of the recorded CD will help you to fall in your sub consciousness and you will start forgetting about what is being said. The soulful journey lasts for long time. This is a very good way to indulge in the meditation exercise. Your mind becomes more alert and functions more actively in guided meditation techniques.

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