Making Aunt Pat's Brain MachineImage by Collin Mel via FlickrThe world of hypnosis and mind control was recently enhanced by what is called brainwave entrainment. This new phenomenon refers to the neural process of stimulating the brain through the senses with the use of sound and light.

Every time the brain is stimulated using the senses, its response is to release an electrical charge that travel through the brain to form a perception of what you see or hear. Brainwave entrainment, which is also called brainwave synchronization, aims to create a specific type of electrical response by stimulating the brain at a particular frequency.

How It Works. The brain is first lulled into a particular frequency, usually one that is lower than the frequency of the brain during the conscious state, then stimulated using a created recording of pulsing beats or tones. What happens is that you get to control the electrical charge the brain responds with, thereby controlling what becomes the person’s thoughts.

To lower the brain’s frequency and stimulate it at that frequency, you need to have an audio specifically created for the purpose. If you are knowledgeable in sound editing, it is easy to make brainwave entrainment audio recording using any sound editing software you use. However, you can also easily purchase some ready made recordings online. In fact, you can choose from audio designed to entrain the brain to a particular brainwave, which can be alpha waves, beta waves, delta waves, or theta waves.

What Can It Do For You? Brainwave entrainment has become quite a phenomenon because of its significant influence on people’s thoughts, which therefore give it an influence over people’s actions, behavior, and life in general. Through this process, you can program your mind to think in a certain way.

That’s why it is widely used in the self help realm. People who want to change their lives have to change their perspectives. After all, like the saying goes, life is what you think it is. And the fastest way to change this without having to talk to a shrink is through self help using brainwave entrainment.

There are now a lot of self help brainwave entrainment products, and a lot of people have enjoyed positive effects from them.

Why It’s Better Than Hypnosis. A lot of experts are now pointing to brainwave entrainment as the newer and more effective self help mind power weapon compared to hypnosis. Entrainment is considered as a more exact science because it has a direct effect on the brain, which manifests in actual and very specific brain responses, making it a more convincing self help tool.

On the other hand, you access that place in your mind but you don’t have any control on where you go next. This is why, when in a state of hypnosis, you can still be influenced by dreams, flashbacks, repressed memories, and so on, which can weaken the positive messages you are sending to the brain.

Also, brainwave entrainment is something you can easily do on your own, so you hold the power of your mind instead of place it in someone else’s hands, while hypnosis often requires another person and can be very hard to learn to do on your own.

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