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What is Binaural Brainwave Entrainment?

Binaural beats are those frequencies originating from the brain that get stimulated whenever there is a difference in the frequencies of the tone that is heard through the left ear and the right ear simultaneously. The binaural beat that originates from the brain compensates for the difference in the frequencies caused by the music to which we are listening. This method of stimulating the binaural beat from the brain is known as Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. Do not interpret the word ‘beats’ to be some strange drum beats or the ones that we hear in our regular music. These beats are essentially the ones which originate from the mind. The tones that we hear are just an external stimulus to initiate the stimulation. The tones that are heard for this stimulation activity are primarily measured, flowing, slow and calming in nature. These tones are usually a combination of Indian traditional music used in conjunction with some electronic synthesizers. The disciples of this discipline called binaural brainwave entrainment do not look at it just as a piece of science but look at is as a therapy. They believe that binaural brainwave entrainment has therapeutic qualities and has the potential to prevent and cure a lot of diseases. In this article, we’ll not look at the diseases that could be treated with binaural brainwave entrainment but look at what are the different binaural brainwave entrainment waves and history related to binaural brainwave entrainment’s discovery.

There are primarily four types of waves that keep fluctuating inside our brain. They are delta, theta, alpha, and beta. Each of these waves has its different purposes and frequencies. If we look at the delta wave, the frequency range essentially is .1 to 3 Hz. This wave is associated with a state of deep and dreamless sleep. The theta wave has a frequency of 3 to 7 Hz and this wave is associated with day-dreaming, imagination, inspiration, recalling old memories, etc. Next comes alpha wave which has a frequency of 7 to 13 Hz and is usually associated with people who are in a state of relaxation, calmness, etc. Meditation is usually a state related to alpha waves. Beta wave is the most active of the waves and it has a frequency range of 14 Hz. This is the state when the person is more active and awake.

Now let us look at the history of binaural brainwave entrainment. The field of binaural brainwave entrainment was discovered by Heinrich Weilhelm Dove in 1839. Sadly no one paid attention to his work to give it necessary exposure. Several years later, another person called Gerald Oster submitted a short article on binaural brainwave entrainment to a particularly popular publication in 1973. Though it was not entirely a unique article, as it was a kind of a mixture of independent research information on binaural brainwave entrainment, people liked it for its uniqueness and the innovative way in which it was put across. The people who read and went through the article thought the article to be strong enough and made it as a basis for further research. That is how the whole concept of binaural brainwave entrainment came into existence. Binaural brainwave entrainment has come a long way from then and now has become an immensely powerful medical tool.

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In our daily life, it is difficult to avoid stress as stressors are everywhere. The stressors can be found in your home, school, work location or in the middle of a field. Though it is expected to experience stress as it is part of our daily life, being under severe, chronic stress can result in physical illness. Stress can contribute to high-blood pressure thus resulting in cardiac problems. This is why people with cardiac problems are always advised to remain quiet and avoid stressful conditions.

Stress may also lead to Gastro-intestinal problems, palpitations, back ache, insomnia, poor immune system and even mental illness. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, we can easily reduce this stress and live a normal and peaceful life. There are different ways of relieving stress; the most basic being deep-breathing exercises and natural relaxation. Some may use drugs that will assist them in getting the relaxation they need. Some may use cutting-edge machines to reduce or relieve stress. What many do not know is that with one simple device alone, we can easily be relieved of stress. This device is none other than our mp3 player, iPod or any music players.

With the latest binaural beats recordings available in stores today, we can easily be relieved of stress. Simply combining two frequencies into one sound will create these binaural beats that can stimulate brain wave entrainment. However, mixing two tones is not enough, what we need are two tones with a slightly different frequency. One tone may be slightly higher or slightly lower. They must be only “slightly” separated for if you make the two tones too separate from each other, then you will not achieve brain wave entrainment.

Achievement of brain wave entrainment may result in stress relief, sleep induction, improved learning, increased creativity, and the ability to accomplish things you did not even believe you could do. The effects of binaural beats are truly remarkable and impressive. You may find the tone by itself very tedious, but publishers of binaural beat recordings have created a combination of sounds that sound just like the rain, bells, waterfalls and gongs.

Still not interested? Well they have also mixed these beats with some extra sounds that you would not even notice such as subliminal positive affirmations. There are also software programmers who have made programs that you can download and install on your computer to create these binaural beats by yourself. Some even sell their recordings as an aid to meditation, relaxation and self hypnosis. You may also find some keychain-sized gadgets that produce these types of binaural beats. There are plenty from which to choose. The use of binaural beats is better than any drugs that you may take because there are no contraindications. There are no adverse effects and best of all; it is cheaper than buying drugs. Create your own binaural beats now, or buy some recordings and upload them to your music player and you will enjoy a truly relaxing day.

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Binaural Beat Entrainment Explained

After hearing all the news on television about the increasing price of crude oil, the increasing unemployment rate or some unpleasant storm coming into your neighborhood, one can sure end up in a foul mood. Add to it the pressure of your workplace, your relationship problems and family problems; and you will undoubtedly be out of sorts especially if you have a low-coping mechanism. Maybe you just need a break or a period of peace and serenity. It is extremely common today to experience stress from different sources it may be at your own home, work place and even just out on the streets. It is extremely hard to cope with this stress.

Though there are many different ways of relieving stress these days, one of the most powerful and cheapest ways is by means of calm relaxation and some breathing exercises. Are you in search of a fast way of relieving stress? A little known technique of relieving stress is through the use of binaural beat entrainment. Sounds complicated right? Well actually this is not a terribly complicated way of relieving stress. Additionally, binaural beat entrainment not only relieves stress but it also induces sleep for those with insomnia, improves learning and creativity and recharges your emotional batteries causing you to be refreshed.

But what is a binaural beat? Binaural beats are auditory brain stem responses caused when you listen to sounds from both of your ears using headphones. These sounds are not normal sounds the sound is composed of two tones with one tone having a higher frequency and the other having a slightly lower frequency resulting in a slightly out of phase tone. You may perceive it sort of like a warbling sound or pulsating effect. If the tones are in phase with each other, then it will not result in this effect. Also if there is a sizable difference between the frequencies of the tones, then it will result in just an ordinary sound with two tones playing. As you may imagine this sound is not real entertaining listening. That is why binaural beat publishers create sounds like that of the rain, waterfalls, bells, gongs and other sounds where the beats are hidden by an additional sound resulting in the listener’s unawareness of the beat but still having the same effect on the brain.

Today, software programmers have created computer programs that can be downloaded and installed on your computer so that you can easily create your own binaural beat recording. Also available are small sized electronic gadgets that can produce binaural beats. You can even use your iPod or mp3 players just by downloading recordings of these binaural beats. Binaural beat entrainment has lots of benefits to provide. It aids in meditation, relaxation and even self hypnosis.

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