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Using Binaural Beats For Meditation

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By Trevor Johnson

If you’re looking for ways in which to improve the ability of your brain to process and strengthen itself, there are a number of different techniques which exist to do just that. One method for doing so is using binaural beats for meditation.

Binaural beats as an effect were first discovered way back in 1839 by Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Basically, what they are involves so-called “apparent sounds.” These are actually auditory processing artifacts, which are created normally through a set of stereo headphones. These headphones, when placed over the ears, produce two tones, one in each headphone. The tones are presented in separate waves and slightly different frequencies. For example, you may hear a 1,000 hertz frequency tone in one ear and a 1,500hertz frequency in the other ear. The difference between the two frequencies must be slight, and is usually less than 30MHz or the effect of a beating tone will not be perceived by the subject.

In this way, a beat is set up, and the brain can be influenced by the synchronization of its brainwaves to the beat created by the tones. For purposes of meditation, the jury is still out, but it’s generally felt that such a usage to help increase the power and quality of meditative techniques could be positive and may have several different beneficial effects.

When using binaural beats for mediation, try to keep a few things in mind. For people who have difficulty in concentrating enough to engage in traditional forms of meditation, the use of binaural beats may greatly lessen the amount of time needed to be skilled enough to engage in productive meditative techniques. It acts as a shortcut, in other words. And if you need quick relief from stress you can simply put on your headphones tuned to those beats and the synchronization of your brainwaves that results will put you into a relaxed state in no time!

Be wise when using binaural beats and always watch for signs of negative stimulation, such as the brain locking subconsciously onto a distracting pause or interruption rather than on the synchronization of brainwaves that is supposed to occur.

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By Greg Frost

Change your mind for the better with brainwave entrainment, a technology that has taken the personal development industry by storm and has improved the lives of thousands of people all over the world. This number is steadily growing as more and more people are realizing on a daily basis the true power of the brain and how they can release this veritable untapped power for their own advantage.

You can be this person too and the good news is, the technology is readily and widely available on the internet and offline as well, at a cost that is not prohibitive, and such methods of therapy are hardly restricted to time tables and lifestyles. In fact, it can be as easy as plugging in your digital music player and finding a quiet corner for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is that simple and once you and people around you realize that this is the new gift of the 21st century, only then will you be able to capitalize on life and jump over hurdles in life higher and higher.

This article will brief you a little more on what exactly brainwave entrainment is and how this technology can help you to realize your true potential and see the world like never before. The results can actually be breathtaking as you discover your ability to learn faster, be more creative and have a level of mental control that is both unsurpassed and sometimes unbelievable.

Brainwave entrainment, which is also known in some circles as brainwave synchronization, is the practice that causes the brain frequency to fall into sync with a stimulus that is periodic and introduced to the auditory response agents of the human body. This is called a frequency following effect and can be traced back to the cortical of the brain, which is responsible for the firing of the billions of neurons in the cerebral cortex, a method of communication of both hemispheres of the brain as well as the very source of this new power.

The very basis of this technology is to force the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize the two halves of the brain so that it exists, for a time, within a single brainwave frequency. Science and medicine has discovered that certain frequency ranges within the brain can be associated with super states or peaks of performance within the brain, which means that when properly activated, you can have the power to learn more, learn faster, be more creative, have more mental focus or be relaxed. This technology has also the power to slip the mind into a meditative state and allow the subconscious to be more pliable to external modification and reprogramming, which is especially useful when trying to kick bad habits and addictions.

You can literally change your mind for the better with brainwave entrainment and all you need to do is to identify what part or talent you want activated, popping in the CD with the engineered binaural beats and sitting down and letting the magic happen.

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The Need For Guided Meditation

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By Edward Randolph

Human beings are social animals and need interaction as part of their daily lives. In this interaction, there is stimulus and reaction and there is always active participation. But there are times there is an overabundance of this cycle to the effect that the mind and body fails to adequately respond. When this limit is reached, there is a need for a slowdown for recuperative purpose and this can only be achieved through guided meditation.

Guided meditation is the activity where the social being is put on hold and the individual chooses to be alone to reflect on personal well being. This is achieved by removing the person from the setting of being the interactive with others to a place of solitude and being by yourself is not already meditation. The person needs to slow down the brain and concentrate on personal processes, like breathing and awareness to achieve the meditative state.

Undertaking meditation is not an easy procedure to achieve. There are just too many retained stimuli in the brain so despite the solitude, the brain still is interacting with retained stimuli. This is the importance of guided meditation comes in. By concentrating on the voice or the single stimuli for meditation, one essentially blocks out all the other matters. In achieving this, and following the given instructions, one can achieve a meditative state.

This practice though is not achievable at the first try. Often, you need to adjust a time for the exercise. Once imbibed, the recuperative effects on the mind and body are achieved. Meditative exercises help in keeping the mind and body fresh and attuned to personal well being. Over time, one can do this without assistance, so take time out to do this so you can be better for yourself and others.

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There are two things in this life that many people do not know about their own brain. One of them is the fact that there are two aspects of consciousness that are actively ‘aware’ on a daily basis. One of them is the conscious mind, rife with all the defenses of logical thought, rational processes and critical thinking – which allow us to go through life not reacting to everything based on emotion. This job is left up entirely to the subconscious mind; a part of us since we were born that takes orders from experiences and associations to determine our reactions, our phobias and who we are as individuals.

These two form a symbiotic and separate existence – yet they cannot function without another and through the various stages of life, each aspect of these consciousnesses has taken on a role. In our early childhood, the subconscious mind took the place of educator and learner, where we as children would understand events and happenings around us through emotion and association, the two main pillars of function within the subconscious mind.

As we get older, our conscious mind began to develop the functions of critical thinking and rationale thought, which meant we were able to dissect experiences with logical thought and understand them with a detached learning. While emotion and association will always be there, the effect will not be as a strong as it was before. However, all the associations, fears and phobias (and other character developments) that has happened during childhood has retained and will pass on through adulthood as it maintains its cyclic life cycle within the brain’s subconscious memory and instruction banks.

The other thing that we do not know about our brain is that it produces patterns based on electromagnetic frequencies that sensitive equipment can pick up easily. These brainwave patterns have been found by medicine and science to be associated with several peak performances of the brain, which can include better learning, higher creativity, mental focus, relaxation, accelerated healing, growth hormone level increases. These are just some of the applications of specific brainwave frequencies and they can be evoke with entrainment technology like engineered sub sonic sound or through visual stimulation like the dream machine.

The applications within the personal development industry have been enormous and the responses to this product have reached monumental levels. Thousands of people all over the binaural beats,brainwave entrainment,guided meditationworld are gaining better brain power through the use of brainwave entrainment technology. More and more research is being pumped into the brainwave entrainment technology and as of now, the most popular form of the technology is CD’s that use engineered sounds embedded into relaxing music to evoke a cortical response within the brain and align the two hemispheres to a frequency that is desired.

Anyone can use this technology because of its relative affordability and the ease of application. Just look online and you can find quite a few good products to help you boost and maximize your brain power and live life like you have never done before.

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Guided Meditation For Beginners

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By Sarah Freeland

Guided meditation is great for beginners. This allows you to know, think and feel what you’re supposed to be doing while meditating. It’s a guided way of proper posture, correct breathing and what thoughts and feelings to let sit or pass. You can so this in a group session, someone reading a guide to you or by listening by audio.

For posture, you want to be sitting in a comfortable position. Not so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep, but enough to let your whole body relax, making sure your not leaning to one side or the other.

You’re breathe should be full complete breathes. When you inhale, make sure you fill both lungs and diaphragm as much as you can and still be comfortable. When you exhale, try to make it an even exhale. Making you’re breathes equally coming in as going out.

When it comes to thoughts people have different opinions on what the mind should be thinking. I would say it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve during your meditation. One way is trying to keep all thoughts from your mind. That can be very difficult to do considering the mind never stops. You have to just let each thought go as quickly as it came, trying not to hang on to anything for to long. The other way is keeping good willed thoughts in mind all the time. This will allow you to focus you meditation in the direction you want it to go, letting you control what you’re thinking and where you’re going. It may be very difficult at first, but don’t give up all good things come in time and with practice.

The three popular types of yoga you may have heard of are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. Hatha yoga is the style of yoga most practiced today. It is what you will think of when you think of yoga in general. Power yoga is a more aerobic-style yoga, with an emphasis on cardio. Bikram yoga is a style of yoga performed in a heated room to accelerate detoxification. Universal Yoga sells everything you need to practice these and other forms of yoga, pilates and meditation including []meditation CDs, []yoga mats, workout clothing, meditation cushions, uplifting apparel and yoga DVDs.

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The Wonders of Binaural Beats

Heinrich Wilhelm DoveImage via Wikipedia

By Greg Frost

One Heinrich Wilhelm Dove could be considered the father of binaural beats, having discovered them way back in 1839. Research on binaural beats followed soon after that and to where it is today in the scientific and personal development industry, the technology and the issues around it remained somewhat of a scientific obscurity until 134 years later, when one Gerald Oster published an article entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” (Scientific American, 1973).

Oster’s article was a landmark one. It sought to rediscover the wonders of binaural beats and through his exhaustive research, identified and assembled the lost sands of research that had been lost and left behind since Dove, offering fresh scientific insight, coupled with great laboratory evidence on the applications and tremendous potential of binaural beats.

What followed suit was a rediscovery on the use of binaural beats as an effective tool as a diagnostic and cognitive research as well into the areas of neurological development. At first, it was used to mainly discover the hidden secrets of the animal kingdom and how the animals located sound and how they focused on sound that was sometimes even beyond human ranges of hearing.

At first, when the attention of the benefits of these beats was turned to the human subject, it was a medical presumption that they would be used as a diagnostic tool for medical research into either brain impairments or mental developmental disorders. It was then discovered that the actual sensation or recognition of these beats appeared to have originated from the superior olivary nucleus of the brain, which meant it was within the cortical of the brain stem.

With this discovery, it was then that the term frequency following response was coined, when it was found that the cortical of the brain had the ability to control the billions of neurons within the cerebrum to fire in tandem an electromagnetic frequency capable of achieving superior functions of the brain that normally would not be available for self utilization.

What happens during the process of brainwave entrainment through the use of binaural beats is that certain parts of the brain that are either inert or not activated are then called upon. These frequencies allow these sections of the brain to come alive and thus give the end user accelerated functions that they would not normally have.

While this technology is contentious and there has been some conflicting scientific research on this, it has been proven by peer reviews and research studies that binaural beats work to a tee. Users who have been subjected to the therapy with visual stimulation and affirmation have noted that they experienced an almost euphoric perception of themselves and are able to attack problems with more zest. They also indicate better performance and a better tendency towards retaining information.

The various frequency ranges range from delta to gamma, in order of lowest to highest frequency ranges and have associations with meditation, accelerated healing, mental focus and high levels of creativity; just to name a few. These are just some of the wonders of binaural beats. []Click Here to get your Free Success Accelerator Brainwave Cd today! Unleash your []Mind Power potential to attain the lifestyle that you want. Go claim your Free Cd today!

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